How to create a highly effective landing page for your website

Landing pages, as defined by wikipedia for online marketers, are ” the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement.  Put more simply a landing page is just where you want people to land on your site, that may or may not be the homepage.  It could be that you are promoting an event, the page where people can donate or volunteer, or just where the information is that you want them to see.

According to an article on Hubspot, a landing page should be kept simple and short and be able to”pass the blink test” – in other words, make sure they can understand the offer and what you’re asking for in the time it takes them to blink. Above all “before publishing the page, ask yourself: would I fill this out? Would I find this page confusing? Would I feel comfortable sharing this information over the web? Use these questions to ultimately perfect the look and feel of your landing page before going live. ”

Here’s a useful infographic on how to test your website’s landing page.


 How To Test Your Landing Pages - an infographic