Social Media Manager (Volunteer) Pedal to Poland

Pedal to Poland  is an 11-strong team of cyclists that will leave Dublin on May 30th to cycle 1500km through the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, before arriving in Poland just in time for Ireland’s first round match against Spain in Euro 2012.

The event has attracted strong offline media attention to date and the recent charity partnership with the Football Association of Ireland FAI is expected to increase this significantly.

To record this exciting journey a video diary will be produced by one of the team who is a professional cameraman. This will be featured on the FAI Facebook page and will be available to sponsors and media also.

The Role

Although Pedal to Poland has a Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Pinterest, none of the team is an experienced practitioner of Social Media. We are now looking for such a person, someone who is adept with using social media to promote a company or charity and not just for personal use.

Beginning in May we hope to drive traffic by using all of the online tools available and thereby increase donations via Web and Mobile.

The FAI intend using Facebook as one of their major media tools for Euro 2012 and as a charity partner we need someone who can manage the social media relationship with the FAI, delivering regular and relevant content e.g. Video, pictures, stories etc

Although the Website has been produced it has not been optimised in terms of Search Engine performance, so ideally this task would also be included in the role.

The Candidate

An enthusiastic volunteer who will relish the challenge and seize the opportunity to promote their skills during the biggest sporting event that Ireland will be involved in 2012, the European Championships. This is a CV changing opportunity for the successful candidate.

Please apply to: Declan@pedaltopoland.com

*Pedal to Poland is an official charity partner of the FAI*

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