Marie Ennis-O'Connor

Hi and welcome to Socialease – the Social Media Marketing site for Non-Profits.

I am passionate about supporting and educating non-profit organisations in the use of online tools that catalyse community building and social action. With over 12 years experience working in Public Relations, I now specialise in advising non-profits on how to build a social media strategy which leverages their potential to build networks to attract more donors, volunteers, advocates and brand ambassadors.  Drawing on my PR expertise, I help clients to develop goal-driven online strategies  audit their existing efforts, and develop metrics to measure social media success and engagement. I believe a solid PR foundation is necessary for building a successful social media campaign.

The emergence of social networking is the most exciting thing I have seen happen in marketing and PR over the past 10 years. It has levelled the playing field for all of us, regardless of background, location or finances. With the right level of commitment and passion anyone can make it work for them!

Non Profit Experience

My charity experience grew out of my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004. This led to my taking the role of secretary of Europa Donna Ireland, the Irish Breast Cancer Campaign, an advocacy group working to improve the treatment and care of women in Ireland with a diagnosis of breast cancer. My role has expanded within the organization to that of community manager – a role that keeps me in direct contact with our audience. I am also a grassroots leader with LiveStrong, a movement, which unites, inspires and empowers people affected by cancer on a global level.

Presentations and Training 

Having facilitated seminars and workshops and run corporate and individual training classes on getting started in social media, I want to share my expertise with you to help you leverage the power of social media for good.

I believe that the creation of strong communities of individuals committed to a cause can change the world for the better and we can leverage the new technologies and tools of social media to help us do this.

Connect with me

I value your readership and particularly your comments and feedback, so please do connect with me either through commenting on this site, connecting with me on Twitter @JBBC or via e-mail at socialease@live.ie

You are also welcome to connect with me on LinkedIN and Google +

Looking forward to working with you on changing the world a step at a time.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

7 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks for the tip off David! It’s all in the details she said with some embarassment…off to rectify that glaringly obvious detail right now..

  2. We learned about your blog today, and just saying hello here – with a hope you will be curious to learn more about us – the CCAC – http://www.ccacaptioning.org, as well as ccacblog.wordpress.com, plus very active on a few “social media.”
    CCAC is all volunteers, the place to be for captioning/subtitling advocacy.
    Lauren, CCAC

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