Get Ready For Ireland’s Better Together Video Competition

The Wheel, a support and representative body connecting community and voluntary organisations and charities across Ireland, has announced that the 2013 Better Together Video Competition will be opening for submissions at 9am on Monday, 16 September.
This is your chance to elevate your organisation’s public profile, attract new supporters, raise funds and win cash prizes to boot!
Last year 273,933 people voted for the videos submitted by charities, clubs and associations from across Ireland. That is a lot of potential supporters, volunteers and donors!
Community and voluntary groups, clubs and associations are invited to submit their short video clip to from 16 September. Your video should tell a story about:
  • what your organisation does,
  • why it matters to your community,
  • how the public can support your work, and
  • how we can make Ireland Better Together?

In late September the public will be invited to vote for their favourite videos. The top 30 videos will be shortlisted in three categories (big, medium and small/voluntary) and the winners in each category will receive a cash prize.

In addition to the prize in each category, you can also use the handy built-in donation function to raise funds through the website. So whatever your weight division, there is no reason that your organisation can’t take part…

Get Inspired Now

Not sure where to begin? Download the FAQ (PDF) and get your movie-making mojo on the flo-jo right now by checking out the 2012 winners and shorlists.

Register here to to get a free copy of the beginner’s guide to video production.

Key Dates for Your Diary

  • 16 September: Video Competition
  • 24 September: Public launch / voting opens
  • 8 November: Submissions close
  • 22 November: Voting closes (judging to follow)
  • 12 December: Better Together Awards (winners announced)

Good Luck Everyone!

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