Why you should listen and observe before joining twitter


Recently, the website PR News, outlined 7 tips to make your brand a must follow on Twitter.  It contains some good advice on how to make the most of this platform, and to me the most important, is to listen and observe before jumping on the twitter bandwagon.

Many organizations are quick to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but incessant tweeting isn’t the same thing as encouraging engagement with your new and longtime followers. To really matter on Twitter—to listen and engage and inspire sharing and interaction—takes commitment and experimentation. There is no set formula. You have to find out what works for you and your brand ~ Danielle Aveta, PR News

So ask yourself the following questions before engaging:

1. Why should your audience follow you?

2. What do you have of value to offer them? (i.e. conversation, information)

3. What can you add to the online conversation? (hint: it’s not more noise)

When you have a clearer idea of how you can best leverage Twitter as a communications platform, only then, should you engage. It’s the same message  I repeat here time and again,  strategy before tools!

Treat the creation of online communities as you would any other line of business activity — a community is not just a marketing vehicle. Define the strategic outcomes you want from the community, specify the audience it will serve, develop the business metrics and measures needed to report outcomes and the operational plans to build and run the community over time.  ~ Vanessa DiMauro –  Social Media Today 

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