5 tips for making a great video

Lauren Major has a great example for us on the use of video for non-profit promotion.

Code for Americaa U.S. nonprofit that uses technology to transform local governments, boasts a creative, compelling promotional video that not only clearly describes its message but also engages its viewers to get involved.

Lauren advises that in just five simple steps, any nonprofit can follow its example.

  1. Be human and personal
  2. Use captivating visuals
  3. Get creative with light
  4. Keep it short — under 2 minutes
  5. Instill optimism and hope

Read Lauren’s post in full here

2 thoughts on “5 tips for making a great video

  1. Getting your video right should be a huge part of non profit marketing – thanks for sharing this insight with us

    • Hey Leslie,Thanks for the solid feeback. I know I used cniahcog as an example of one of my slack adjusters, but lot let that block you from seeing other options. Anything you can packageup and sell for an ultra premium price (relative to your market) can be used as a slack adjuster.Tanner

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