Tweet For A Cause: How To Fundraise with Twitter

PayPal meets Twitter with Chirpify, Twitter’s commerce platform.

Designed for small businesses and musicians to sell their products, Chirpify also has good potential for non profits to raise funds. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tweet a request for donations via
  2. Followers reply to your Tweet or Retweets with the word “donate.”
  3. Donors and your organization receive receipts via email and DM (direct message)

The main advantages I can see to using this service for fundraising are its speed and ease of use (Twitter users can donate to your organization, cause or campaign with one simple “@” reply); your ability to schedule tweets at different times of day using a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer (do advance research into best times to tweet) and the social aspect of Twitter (users more likely to retweet your call for donations, and/or that they donated to your cause).

Twitter users are often on-the-go, accessing their account from mobile devices. You can see the advantage of being able to act on your fundraising request, with one simple click, without having to leave the Twitter app and go through a multiple step sign-up process. As an added advantage, they will receive an instant DM to acknowledge their donation.

Immediate and secure payment

Chirpify transforms your Tweets into transactions. When someone donates to you on Twitter, Chirpify automatically triggers a PayPal transaction between your account and the donors. Your donation appears in your account immediately.

As Chirpify is integrated with the PayPal platform, you have the guarantee of PayPal protection and a process for resolving payment problems.

How much does it cost?

For fundraising accounts there is a flat 4% commission fee which also gives you unlimited tweets and your own fundraising page.
Full details at

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