Charity Behind The Lens

I love this idea from  CG Online Marketing’s Christina Gilberti, who has decided to put her marketing skills to work by providing a behind the scenes look at the Cork based charity, Irish Dogs for the Disabled. I have to admit it’s a charity I didn’t know anything about, but having watched Christina’s interview with Jennifer Dowler, the charity’s founder, I am very impressed with the work they do.

8 thoughts on “Charity Behind The Lens

  1. I;d never heard of this charity before but what great work they do – it’s just the kind of charity I would like to support – thanks for highlighting them here

  2. Hi Marie and thanks for featuring my initiative. It’s easy to only hear the ‘donate’ message from Charities, but they do some fantastic work and Guide Dogs for the Disabled change lives on a daily basis for those who would otherwise be stared at, home-bound or dependent on others. The atmospere at the charity is warm and inviting and the dogs are so well-trained (I was bitten by a dog at 14 and it eased my fear), affectionate and happy. I saw first-hand the time and commitment it takes to train the dogs and the humans! A lesser team would give up, but they apply themselves over and over because the end result is so worthwhile.

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