Want to create a killer infographic? Here’s how

Within my admittedly limited capabilities, I like to try to make things more visually appealing in my online communications. I am also very aware that with so many online messages competing for our attention, arresting graphics are one sure fire way of grabbing your reader’s attention. I think that must be the reason for the ever-increasing presence of infographics on so many sites. I am a big fan of making information more easily absorbed and understood, but I assumed that creating these infographics would be something beyond my capabilities.  So I was delighted to find this extensive list of  tools and resources  for creating infographics from @dailytekk.

According to the article:

Items 1-5 under the Data Visualization Tools and Software category are sufficiently capable of arming even a novice designer with the ability to produce a powerful infographic.

So I am saving this list and looking forward to setting aside some time soon to see if I too can create a wow infographic – I’ll let you see the results!

Check out this post from Social Media Today – Can Infographic Design Get More People To Click?

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