Key Trends for the Nonprofit Sector in 2012

Convio has just announced its key predictions and expected trends that will have the biggest impact on the nonprofit sector in 2012.  Check out their findings below:

(1) Online and New Media Channels Will Continue To Extend Their Influence

  • Based on Convio’s 2010 holiday giving survey, online fundraising was up 40 percent from 2009. Online will continue as the fastest growing giving channel.
  • Online’s influence outside of transactions is growing as older donors engage in web-based communications and advocacy.
  • Acceleration in new media channels and devices (social and mobile) will have significant increase in material importance for nonprofits. For example, recently a Convio client found that 15 percent of direct respondents to a specific TV campaign accessed the nonprofit’s website via a mobile device.

(2) Peer-to-Peer Engagement Will Play An Expanded Role 

  • Direct communications by nonprofit organizations will have less impact on the giving decisions of donors than in years past.
  • Donors will increasingly rely on referrals and guidance from friends, family and co-workers to make decisions, particularly the younger generations.
  • Nonprofits will want to tap their most vocal and loyal supporters to be active promoters.

(3) Donor Fatigue Will Be More Pronounced 

  • Information overload will continue as individuals receive mail, email and other communications from marketers with increasing intensity, making it challenging for nonprofits to have their messages heard.
  • Text messages, RSS feeds, tweets and Facebook posts only compound the problem.
  • Tailored communications that resonate with donors will be critical.

(4) Supporters Want To Control Their Experience 

  • Nonprofit supporters want to be able to define and customize how they are communicated to (e.g. go paperless, set frequency of emails and filter for content).
  • The burden of expectation for nonprofits is being set by the for-profit sector.

(5) Integrated Marketing Will Rise To New Heights 

  • Multi-channel marketing will have an increasingly significant role in driving integrated marketing tactics as nonprofits rely more on various channels to deliver their communications.
  • Strategic communication efforts that are consciously coordinated, orchestrated, and targeted – based on particular audience segments and their individual preferences – will become more prevalent.

Source: Convio Press Release

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