Social Media Marketing Predictions for the New Year

In 2011 I was a regular reader of Heidi Cohen’s marketing blog (she is an amazingly prolific blogger!) and I am looking forward to reading more of her sterling advice in the coming year.  In her latest post, Heidi offers some predictions for where marketing is heading in 2012. Her forecasts are just as relevant to the non-profit marketing sector as they are to B2C or B2B.

Here are three predictions which I have taken as key action points to guide my own social media marketing in the coming year. (You can read her full list of 7 marketing predictions here.)

1. Mobile marketing is a priority. Smartphones reached a tipping point in the US in 2011 making it critical to integrate mobile marketing into your 2012 marketing plans. Interpret mobile marketing broadly to include smartphones, tablets (iPads), ereaders (Kindle) and a range of other portable and out-of-home devices. Marketers take note this doesn’t translate to the death of other media formats such as television, radio and print.

2. Content fuels all forms of marketing. “Content is king” has been at the heart of search optimization. With expanded use of mobile devices and social media, content is a more critical marketing component than ever!

3. Tracking results counts. Marketing and related corporate investments require an understanding of which areas of the marketing mix are effective. To this end, it’s critical to set goals and create strategies that are aligned. It’s not just a matter of counting likes or pageviews. These metrics must support the purchase process and show contribution.

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