How to brand yourself on Google+

As I get more and more sucked in to Google+ you will be seeing more posts about how to leverage its potential for non-profits. And yes, I am loving its newness and freshness right now.

As I wrote in a previous post, in its present incarnation, it is not designed for business pages (but they are coming). Instead of thinking that this means it is not a place to take your brand, read what Chris Brogan has to say on the subject:

It’s funny how many people are lamenting the temporary shutdown of brands on Google+. Meanwhile, I’m seeing lots of smart business people connecting with people, making relationships, sharing a mix of personal and business materials, and building relationships that will transcend the vagueness of following an official stream.

Business is about humans connecting with humans. This new platform is the top shelf of potential for doing a great job of doing that. Keep doing what you’re doing as a brand of one, and just be sure your ABOUT page represents your organization well.

Great advice for non-profits! So in the words of Chris again:

Go forth. Be the brand. Just be you as the brand!

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4 thoughts on “How to brand yourself on Google+

  1. Great post and I absolutely agree – whoever has been tasked with the job of social media marketing in your organization can do a lot towards projecting the brand personality of that org, be it non-profit, sme, or corporate – that is why it is SO important to choose the right person for the job.

  2. Loving being in there at the start of Google+ but not looking forward to the relatively uncluttered space being invaded with brands 😦

  3. Great quote, I have to admit I do need to spend more time over at Google+ to explore it properly but I do think it will be good for businesses.
    Regarding the ‘About’ Page, I do think this is a page that businesses write and then forget to revisit and reflect on how it represents them.

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