Want to avoid death by PowerPoint?

I have been to quite a few presentations recently where the presenters used Prezi (see Prezi for Professional Presentations) to illustrate their talk. I have seen it used to great effect and not so good effect.

Do I see Prezi taking over from PowerPoint?

I don’t see that happening right now – for one thing, it is not the right tool for a professional looking business presentation  – but what I do see is a great audience interest in Prezi as a refreshing alternative to the tired old PowerPoint format, (particularly with PowerPoint in the hands of most presenters being a badly used tool).

So don’t give up on your PowerPoint presentations just yet, but do brush up on your PPT skills. Take a look at the video “Life After Death by PowerPoint” from Don McMillan – although it is part of a comedy stand-up routine, he makes the point better than any instruction manual you will read!

5 thoughts on “Want to avoid death by PowerPoint?

  1. Seen a few prezis myself lately and want to try one out myself..but i agree that until it becomes more buisness like, I will be sticking with PPT..though brushing up my skills after seeing this video!

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