How to create a Tweetwall for your next event

This week’s cool tool information comes courtesy of Amanda Webb of Spiderworking, one of the founders of Bloggers International.

If you have been to a social media conference lately, you may well have seen all the relevant tweets displayed on a big ‘Twitter Wall’. It’s a great way to keep people engaged on Twitter during an event and for people at home to join in with those who attend.

How do you create a tweetwall?

TweetWally helps you easily create a Twitter Wall for projection at your event.  The nice thing about TweetWally over some of the other options is that it allows you to customise the colour schemes, allows you to embed it in your website and gives you a url of your choice.

Another great feature is the ‘view for iPhone’ option that is handy for those on the move or those tweeting from their phone at the event.

Bloggers International Tweetwall

Amanda has created a tweetwall for Bloggers International which takes place this Wednesday, so if you can’t make it to the event in person, you can still follow along at If you are tweeting on the day, the hashtag  is #BI11.

How To Apply Social To Conferences 

3 thoughts on “How to create a Tweetwall for your next event

  1. Yes I have seen these at conferences recently – it is great to know how easy it is to create it – thanks for sharing the info.

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