Strategy Before Tools

Are you in danger of putting the social media cart before the horse?

In your excitement to start using the tools of social networking, have you forgotten your strategy?

Here are some key questions to ask before you start to engage with the tools of social media.

1. Who are your audience?

2. Where do they hang out in the social media landscape?

3. Why are you trying to reach them?

4. What message do you want to give them and how will you say it?

5. Which social media tools will you use to say it?

6. Who is the best person to handle your social networking?

7. What are your competitors doing?

8. How will you measure your success?


Strategy Before Tools!

Can you think of any other key questions to consider before engaging with social media?

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2 thoughts on “Strategy Before Tools

  1. Good points – I find it can be very easy to write about something I am passionate about and I forget to think about many of the things you have outlined here – the key ones for me would probably be making the message clear and measuring my success.
    I also find it useful to use the keyword analysis tool to check that I am using the right keywords, I don’t tend to overdo the keywords but it is handy to ‘naturally add’ a couple in that are high in the google searches.

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