How to use your blog to project personality

So, did you come up with your 3 personality traitsThen you are all set for today’s lesson – how to use a blog to project your non-profit’s personality.

You will hear me say again and again how much benefit can be gained from setting up and maintaining a blog for your non-profit. Among the many advantages is the fact that you can get across your non-profit’s personality through blogging. How do you do this?

1. Personalise your writing

Write in the first and second person. Write I or we when referring to your non-profit organization and address your audience as you. Whoever you choose to take care of your blog, make sure they are passionate about your cause and tell them not to be afraid to let that passion shine through their writing (one of the biggest tips I give new bloggers is to pick a topic they are truly passionate about if they want to be a successful blogger).

2. Show your face

Let your audience know who is blogging, tweeting, or maintaining your Facebook page. It’s up to you whether you use just a name, or a name and a picture, but do make sure you humanize the process for your readers.

3. Show and tell

Think back to your 3 words – perhaps you chose words such as honest, compassionate, friendly, caring or helpful as your particular personality traits.

Now show us!

Use your blog to tell stories that demonstrate these traits at work in your non profit. And speaking of stories, tell us the stories of those you have helped or want help in the future; tell us the stories of your volunteers and your founder(s). Stories connect us to others, help us to find commonality and increases our empathy.

So once again, I want to reiterate that your non-profit personality reflects your brand and how you are perceived by everyone who comes into contact with you, your employees and your volunteers. Make sure everyone is on board with this and that it is consistent across the board (from your letter heads to your emails to your social networking). Your non-profit’s personality is one of your most important assets, so look after it wisely.

4 thoughts on “How to use your blog to project personality

  1. I agree, I think showing a business’s personality (or a non-profit) is one of the most important aspects of a blog, it establishes trust and humanises it. Love the idea of stories to transmit that, great post Marie,

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