5 ways Facebook can attract volunteers to your cause

So you have set up your Facebook page for your non-profit?  Great! Now your next task is to maintain and leverage it if you hope to attract more volunteers and ambassadors to your cause. Read on to find out how.

1. Encourage more likes on your page

You want your Facebook page to appear on as many newsfeeds as possible, so encourage more likes on your page to make this happen.

2. Take lots of pictures at your volunteer events

Post pictures, videos and notes of your events as soon as it happens. Everyone likes to have their efforts recognized so make sure you take the opportunity to feature your volunteers at work. Encourage supporters to tag themselves in the pictures and leave comments. Chances are these supporters will repost the pictures on their own Facebook wall and others will see the recognition and satisfaction they get from being part of your organization. This builds community and a sense of motivation and pride in being a volunteer with your group. A knock-on effect to this may very well be that others will be encouraged to join too when they see their friends activity.

3. Maintain an active image gallery of hosted events

Encourage supporters to send you their pictures of fundraising and awareness raising events they host for you. Aim to maintain an active gallery of images to motivate and inspire potential supporters and to recognize the efforts of current volunteers.

4. Use comments to gather feedback

Many organizations are wary of the comments facility on Facebook but it is an opportunity to be embraced. Be open to all feedback – good and bad. See it as a chance to address any concerns supporters might have. When followers see the considerate and timely way you deal with these concerns, their trust in your organization will increase.

5. Use direct appeals sparingly

Your facebook presence is not about direct advertising – it is about community building and keeping your volunteers energized, motivated and connected with each other and you. If you only use your Facebook page to appeal for donations or help, you will soon overwhelm and put off your current and potential volunteers. That is not to say you cannot make direct appeals in this way, but do so judiciously and strategically.

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