Spamalot! Where does spam come from?

Why is spam called Spam?   This term comes from a Monty Python skit here where a couple go into a restaurant, and the wife tries to get something other than Spam. In the background are a group of Vikings that sing the praises of Spam. Soon the only thing you can hear in the skit is the word ‘Spam’.

Similarly, if we didn’t put a halt to inappropriate postings on forums, blogs and websites, pretty soon, our own messages would be drowned out in a chorus of Spam.

How to spot the spam scam

Spammers try to disguise their efforts sometimes with seemingly legitimate comments to get a comment approved but it is generally easy to spot them.

Look at the email address and site the commenter links to, which are often dead giveaways.

How to avoid the spammers

If you’re using a blog hosted service like TypePad or, these services have anti-spam countermeasures already set up.   If you are self hosting, you’ll need to install the anti-spam plug-ins yourself. Akismet is a popular choice.

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