What is the most commonly over-used word in marketing?

Is your product “unique”, “award-winning”, the “leading brand” in your market? If so, you are not alone in promoting your award-winning, unique talents. According to PR strategist Adam Sherk, who conducted his own desk-research last June to determine the 100 most overused buzzwords in marketing and PR,  the top five were “leader,” “leading,” “best,” “top,” and “unique.”

Last month, Sherk ran 25 of those overused words through PRFilter, a new website that aggregates press releases, to see how they performed. The most popular word on the site was“leading,” which appeared 776 times in one 24 hour period alone.

So where do you think the majority of these “unique” press releases chock full of meaningless buzz words end up? That’s right. Straight in the delete file, or the waste paper bin. So folks, if you want to generate interest with your press release, start by avoiding some of these

Top 23 most over-used words

1. leading (776)
2. solution (622)
3. best (473)
4. innovate / innovative / innovator (452)
5. leader (410)
6. top (370)
7. unique (282)
8. great (245)
9. extensive (215)
10. leading provider (153)
11. exclusive (143)
12. premier (136)
13. flexible (119)
14. award winning / winner (106)
15. dynamic (95)
16. fastest (70)
17. smart (69)
18. state of the art (65)
19. cutting edge (54)
20. biggest (54)
21. easy to use (51)
22. largest (34)
23. real time (8)

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