Why do you blog?

Following on from yesterday’s post on the state of the blogosphere, here is an interesting infographic on bloggers’ primary motivations for blogging.

Key Findings

  • Self-expression and sharing expertise are primary motivators;
  •  39% of corporate bloggers blog to get published or get features in traditional media;
  • 57% of self-employed say they blog to attract new clients to their business;
  • Hobbyists measure their success by personal satisfaction;
  • Professional bloggers measure success by unique visitors;
  • Overall, respondents feel that blogging has had a positive impact on their personal lives;
  • 63% of respondents agree that they have become more involved with their passion areas as a result of blogging;
  •  62% agree that they have made friends through their blog whom they have interacted with online but not met in person;

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