Irish Youth Foundations’s Realising Potential 2011 Fund

Have you got a BIG idea that will make a real difference to your local area? Are you between the ages of 16 and 25? Would you like to pitch your idea for money to make it happen?

If the answer is YES, then apply to the Irish Youth Foundation’s Realising Potential Fund and get ready to make your ‘pitch’ – for up to €1000!

There will be 10 awards of €1000 each. The winners will be announced in June and you will have up until September to make your idea happen. And then you will have the chance to tell everybody what you did! Ideas Workshop And there’s more!  
In late April (date TBC) you are invited to a fun afternoon workshop on how to make ideas work – how to create them, how to develop them, how to present them, and how to roll them out and make the difference you really want. By attending this workshop you will make a better pitch!
After the workshop you/your group will be asked to submit a pitch for the money. The best pitches present their ideas to The Wizards, a panel of wise and kind adults, who will choose the biggest and the best ideas

If you want to apply for this Fund, you’ll need to pay close attention to the points below: 

  • Youth-led: this means it should be your idea and you are the ones that will make it happen
  • Clear and realistic: you have 4 months to get your ideas into action and achieve your goals
  • Good value for money: you will have up to €1000 to fund your idea (but maybe you can get more elsewhere)
  • It will have a direct benefit and impact in your community: this could mean more smiles in your neighbourhood!

Find out more…

Download the ‘Idea Form’ from the Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) website and complete / return it by 14 March. 

Source: The Wheel

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