Are you only marketing at the tip of the iceberg?

Take a look at this infographic via TL Marketing  – an excellent illustration of how focussing solely on the tools without enough attention to the strategy underlying it is nothing more than marketing at the tip of the iceberg.

Having a presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is not, repeat after me, not a strategy.

These platforms are the tools you employ to help you in your strategy, not the strategy itself.  That is why setting up a corporate Facebook or Twitter account, just because everyone else is doing it, without a clearly thought out plan will not result in any kind of meaningful success.

Ask yourselves these key questions before jumping onto the social media bandwagon.

1. What are my specific objectives for engaging in social media?

2. Who is my audience and where do I find them?

3. How will I engage with them once I am there?

4. What tools can I use most strategically?

5. Do I really understand how these tools work or do I need some social media training?

6. How will these tools fit into the overall communications strategy?

7. Do I have time to fully engage with these tools?

8. If not, can I identify someone who can?

9. How will I evaluate if the strategy is working?

Make sure you have answered these key questions first and don’t forget to check back in regularly to see if your social media strategy is still in line with your goals and your audience needs.

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