6 thoughts on “Infographic: 5 Questions and Answers about Facebook Marketing

  1. Hi Marie, Interesting data! I’m either directly or indirectly involved with 15-16 FB pages and while general observations and feedback are good, I think you need to remember that they are just that, general observations. In other words, if you were to survey a cross section of Irish business Facebook pages, you would in my opinion get some misleading results because only a few would actually be using FB well so their results would be significantly diluted.

    On the flipside, some brands for instance may have lots of fans but for brands that very often is a often is a poor indicator of how effective they are.

    Of the businesses that are using FB the best, they are more often not sticking to general rules but rather attempting to do something unique with Facebook. The best way to gauge success is to try things and then watch for impact or lack of in the insights, another of course is to look at the very best examples internationally for ideas.

  2. Hi Marie,

    One suggestion is to setup a FB only marketing campaign, eg for an ebook and track that.

    Problems arise when you’re trying to monitor activities that move from the blog to FB as it’s hard (read: almost impossible) to extract the data you want.

    and fwiw not all shares are created equal if you think about it….


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