7 ways to encourage more comments on your blog

Before we look at how to get more comments on your blog, let’s look at why you may want more comments on your blog.

Encouraging comments mean encouraging engagement and engagement is the engine that drives your social media vehicle. You want your community to feel actively involved in the work of your organisation. You want to give them a voice and a feeling that their voice is worth hearing. Social media is all about two-way communication with your audience – you listen as well as talk, and comments are a way to make this happen.

Encouraging comments can drive the conversation along and it will make your site look more lively, interesting and the place to be. As Ivan Walsh put it in The Right Way To Market With Blog Comments

A site without comments is like an empty bar. Who wants to go in?

You get the picture? So now we know the why, let’s look at the how-to.

7 ways to encourage more comments on your blog

1. Write great content

This goes without saying, but I shall say it anyway for the first step in getting readers to comment on your blog is to give them something worth commenting on.

2. Prompt

Often readers need a little prompting to start commenting, so finish each blog post with a question to help things along. Something as simple as “What do you think” or “Would you agree” should do the trick.

3. Highlight

Make sure your question stands out, so highlight it by italicising and/or putting it in bold at the end of your post.

4. Be Topical

Although I usually caution care when it comes to controversial posts, (it’s a delicate balancing act, and if you get it wrong you can damage your brand), there is always something topical which you can invite opinion on. Write in a way that gets people to reflect on a topic and expands their knowledge in some way. Then ask them for their comments.

5. Acknowledge

If someone has taken the time to leave a comment, please acknowledge their effort. I have seen many blogs where the owner ignores the comments. Apart from being the courteous thing to do, you miss out on the opportunity to extend the conversation and engage with your audience. So always, always answer any questions you receive, clarify any points that have been raised in the comments and thank your readers for taking the time to comment.

6. Make it easy to comment

There is nothing more off-putting and more likely to lose you comments, as requiring your reader to register on your site before they can leave a comment. Make it as straightforward, quick and easy for people to comment.

7. Comment on other blogs
Make sure you always take the time to leave comments on other relevant blogs and add value to the conversation. Chances are the blog owner will be encouraged to visit your blog and will in turn join the conversation there.

Ok over to you now.  Can you add an 8th way to encourage blog comments? You know what to do – leave a comment below 🙂

This post is also available as a powerpoint presentation – click here to view

14 thoughts on “7 ways to encourage more comments on your blog

  1. I don’t have a 7th tip but I do want to leave a comment 🙂 Very helpful post to us newbies. To be honest, I was never quite sure what to say to my readers on the rare occasion that they leave a comment, but I can see how important it is to engage with comments – so I will be putting more attention on this aspect of my blogging.

    • So glad Clare that you found it helpful and I do hope that you will stop by again and please feel free to ask me any question you might have at any time.

  2. I agree that it is very off putting when you want to leave a comment but are asked to jump through hoops with regitration, captchas, etc. I always give up and don’t go that far. Blog owners take note!

  3. I so agree that it is courteous to acknowledge any comments you get. I also really respect those who go that step further and email their thanks (so long as it doesnt’ appear to formulaic!) after I have gone to the trouble of leaving a comment.

    • I also like to get a follow up email but admit that if it appears like a formula, I find that off-putting. My own way of doing it, is replying to comments on my blogs and then doing a follow up email if I feel I have something of value to add or a person has brought up something which would be better served in a private email.

  4. Great tips Marie, I have to admit that I do sometimes ask a question but have never highlighted them and maybe people just miss them as they skim the post.
    As I’m getting busier, I admit too, that I’m leaving fewer comments on other blogs – good point – need to get back to it 🙂

    • I do find that commenting on other blogs, particularly when you leave a good comment, will encourage more traffic flow to your own blog Lorna.

  5. Hi Marie
    Great tips thanks! I actually stumbled on your blog by seeing a comment you posted elsewhere, so I guess number 7 definitely does work 🙂
    As regards making it easy for people to comment, I installed a simple captcha due to ridiculous amounts of spam comments I was receiving. I don’t necessarily think this is over-burdening a user with hoops to jump through. Do you agree? I see you don’t have one here.
    Thanks for your tips

    • Hi Liam, thanks for taking the time to comment and confirm no 7 on the list of ways to encourage more comments on your blog 🙂 I agree that a simple captcha is fine – I certainly don’t mind them when I am commenting. I haven’t felt the need to install one as I am very happy with the amount of spam captured by akismet on this site. Off now to check out your site – commenting is also a good aid to driving traffic to sites 🙂

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