Twitter Etiquette

twitterSo have you set up your Twitter account? Are you tweeting and interacting with followers?

I hope you are and I hope that you are getting lots of retweets from those followers.  But if you are wondering what to do when you get those retweets then read on.

What is the etiquette of retweets?

When you receive a retweet there are three things you can do.

  1. Send a thank you for the RT on the public timeline
  2. Send a private message to thank the retweeter
  3. Do nothing

Personally I thank publicly, although I will send a private message to thank them for their support if they regularly retweet me. I will also retweet them and follow their links to leave a comment on their posts.

Twitter should be about more than posting links to your website or blog. It should be about engagment and conversation. When someone is interested enough to repost what you have written, then take the opportunity to further the engagment and conversation with them.

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