Do you make these blogging mistakes?

mistakeWhen I first started blogging,  I made the mistake of not using subheadings when writing longer blog posts. Now I always break up my text with subheadings.

Why you should use subheadings

With so much online content around, many readers who come to your blog will scan quickly through your post. If what you have written interests them, they may slow down and read your content. Subheadings will help them scan quicker and decide if it is worth staying around a bit longer on your site.

Shorten your paragraphs

Similarly, lengthy paragraphs are very off-putting. Not only are they hard on the eye but they are not user-friendly on mobile devices.

So think of your readers – keep your paragraphs short and break up your content with subheadings.

4 thoughts on “Do you make these blogging mistakes?

  1. Thanks Maire, Such simple tips yet i tend to forget them!! so thanks a million for the reminder. I love your posts! keep up the great work, as every post makes a difference!
    I love your posts on Twitter too! next thing for me to learn :-}

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