3 simple ways to get readers to share your posts

Picture the scenario. You have slaved and sweated over a great blog post and so you sit back satisfied with the brilliance of your writing. You feel sure that your readers will want to share your wit, your wisdom, your moving story. But it doesn’t always work this way – sometimes you have to take steps to encourage the sharing.

So, how do you get readers to share your content?

1. Content

I am assuming that you have really sweated and slaved over your content? For the first step in getting readers to share is to give them content worth sharing. This means you need to put some thought and care into what you write. If you want to tell a story related to your organisation, it needs to be a story that creates a powerful impression on the reader, who in turn will want to share the message with others. Quality posts wins out over quantity each time if you want readers to share.

2. Easy Share Buttons

Does your blog have share buttons? Make it easy to share content by installing highly visible social bookmarking tools, as well as retweet and facebook like buttons, if you haven’t already done so.

3. Just ask!

Ask you readers to share. Put a line or two at the end of your post asking your readers to share the content if they have liked it, or been moved or influenced by it. Ask your Twitter or Facebook followers to retweet or repost your content (building up a loyal community of followers in your social media networks makes this a lot easier to accomplish). Sometimes people just need a little friendly push in the direction of sharing. Try it and see!

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