How to maximise your blog’s SEO with keyword questions

As I’ve mentioned to you many times, blogging is a key tool in your social media strategy. It also has SEO benefits for your site – each blog post is another indexed page for your site, and each post gives you the opportunity to rank for new keywords. You can maximise your blog’s SEO with keyword questions and here’s how.

5 keyword questions tools for you to try

1.  WordTracker Labs Keyword Tool

We know that people type questions into search engines. Well now you can find these questions, answer them and get some great search traffic as a result.  

In blogging terms, the benefits are two-fold –  you are providing content that readers are looking for and you also have the option of using the keyword tool for SEO use. Enter a single or a short keyword to find the questions people are asking in your market. My favourite tool for ease of use.

2. Wordtracker Lab SEO Blogger Tool

This tool allows you to find the most sought-after keywords for your subject without ever leaving your blog editing screen – no more running off to do separate keyword research.

The tool sits alongside whatever blog publishing software you’re using so you can do keyword research and optimize your posts as you write. (Note: Requires Firefox Browser to install this plug-in).

3. LinkedIn Questions

Use the Advanced Search option to find keywords specifically in questions only.

4. Twitter Search

Try Twitter’s search function or the Advanced Twitter Search if you need to filter your phrase to a geographical location or to find out what people are saying about your brand.

5. Google Adwords

Check out a previous post for tips on using Google Adwords.

6.  Google Insights, a web-based tool that compares the popularity of any search terms you want to know about.

That is a list of the most popular keyword tools at your disposal. Please leave a comment below if you can suggest more.

3 thoughts on “How to maximise your blog’s SEO with keyword questions

  1. This is an eye-opener for me! Thanks so much for this helpful guide to SEO keywords from someone who is only just learning her way through social media.

  2. I had heard of google ad words but never wordtracker lab. just downloaded their SEO plug in and am looking forward to seeing the results in hopefully increased traffic. Thanks for posting.

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