Is the right person handling your social media?

Who takes care of your social media marketing in your organisation?

Whether you chose to take on the responsibility for managing it yourself, you chose an individual within your organisation, or you outsource, your choice of individual is a critical one.

Who is the right person to handle your social media marketing?

The right person is the one who is excited about social media and its power to connect and educate people and build relationships. They may not always be the obvious person in your organisation, but once you identify them, include them on your marketing team and brief then on your strategic goals.

As in all business, it is the person behind the brand or organisation that people prefer to deal with. The beauty of social media lies in the ease of its ability to open up new lines of communication with your public. So chose the person who is most excited about making connections and forging relationships in your organisation  and you will be well on your way to a successful social media strategy.

So, is the right person doing the job in your organisation?


8 thoughts on “Is the right person handling your social media?

  1. Hi Marie,
    I have just volunteered to look after the Social Media for a non-profit organisation, and boy it’s hard work.
    But I agree, we have to first and foremost be excited about Social Media and Social Networking, the rest will follow 🙂
    And that is not always the person who is in marketing, or Sales, or the CEO. it could be someone very knowledgeable within the organisation, and passionate about connecting online as well as offline, and loves research 🙂

  2. Wow, well done on another blog Marie and I agree with Elaine it can be a lot of work, I am doing PR for Carlow toastmasters and am finding it hard to do it on top of my own business (as well as doing blog and website for local primary school!)
    but I agree it has to be someone who can write, who enjoys social media and who knows how to network online and offline as well as being enthusiastic about the business.

  3. Absolutely agree – it is a critical choice of who handles your social media interactions! Your success will fall or stand on that choice – so choose wisely.

  4. Hi Marie,

    Where I work we are trying to grow adoption of Social Media inside an organisation of 20,000 people (in Europe) on a team by team basis. Without a shadow of doubt the most important thing we point out to a team leader, is that when they assign a person in their team to drive the adoption of Social Media, that person must be passionate about making change happen. We’ve seen so many teams who have not put much thought into the choice, and quite often that person has no passion to make change happen. Invariably these attempts usually end in failure.

    Good luck with the new blog. Perhaps you’ve found it already, but if not this is a good blog that I follow about Social Media and non-profits –

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