New social network for non-profits

 Jumo, a new social network, which aims to connect people with nonprofits and charitable organisations, is the latest venture by Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook and the chief digital organizer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Individual charities can have dedicated pages on Jumo, where relevant news articles, Twitter posts and YouTube videos will be posted, and users can add their own feedback and comments. Users can also find their Facebook friends and follow their adopted projects and issues on the site.

Mr. Hughes said Jumo would not be primarily about soliciting donations. Instead, he said, the site would first try to deepen ties between its users and their favorite causes. Hughes says:

The more connected that individual is to an issue they care about, the higher probability there is they will stay involved over a longer period of time

What I particularly like about this new venture is that “anyone with a social mission can create a page”. So smaller charities have the same opportunities as larger organisations to establish a social media presence, once again levelling the playing pitch for all.

Click to join Jumo

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