Why social media is a key component of not for profit marketing

Social Media is a key component of a charity’s outreach and fundraising programme.  Its emergence has opened up a lot of doors for getting messages out there and spread wider than was  possible before its advent.  It provides charities with greater opportunities to share more information about the important work that they do, and to seek and receive feedback. When you need to raise awareness for an issue you need to be able to communicate it and social media is a powerful way to tell your story to hundreds of thousands of people.

Social media marketing is about leveraging your online presence to maximise the spread of your message and support for that message. The emergence of social media platforms and social networking has been the most exciting thing I have seen happen in the field of marketing and PR since I started working in this area. It has opened up new avenues for everyone, regardless of location and finances. It has levelled the playing field for all and with dedication, commitment and passion, anyone can make it work for them.

Fundraising, volunteer recruitment, educating your market, increasing brand awareness, connecting with other nonprofits, and getting to know your audience better can all be addressed effectively and economically through social networks.  

In forthcoming posts, I will show you how to navigate the social media waters, offer practical steps and advice on developing your own social media strategy, illustrated with personal success stories and case histories. So check back in often for regular updated content and please do join in the conversation by asking a question or leaving a comment in the comments box.

Let the learning begin…

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